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PIK INDIA heavy duty caster wheels manufacturer in India, Casters Wheels Manufacturer In Delhi , heavy duty Casters Wheels, Rubber hose, Hydraulic hose, Casters Wheels Manufacturer.

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spring loaded casters Wheels Manufacturer in India . Extreme and premium product providers in Rubber industry in India .
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isi marked pvc braided hose 20MM
isi marked pvc braided hose 20MM INR 70 INR 60 best quality, isi marked hose True 1435076672
4*1.25 rubber wheels
4*1.25 rubber wheels USD 2.5 USD 1.5 rubber wheels manufacturer True 1435256931
Nylon Wheels
Nylon Wheels INR 0 INR 0 Product Name : Nylon Wheels to suit the application of Steel Furniture, Cooler etc. Product Key : 2606 Dia : 25 mm to 100 mm Type : H.D. Width : 1" to 2" True 1452257023
Rubber Wheel Heavy Duty
Rubber Wheel Heavy Duty INR 0 INR 0 Product Name : Rubber Wheel Heavy Duty to take extra load asmounted on Iron Garari. Product Key : 2902 Dia : 100 mm to 400 mm Type : On Iron Garari, Width: 1" to 4" True 1452256755
Trolley wheel
Trolley wheel INR 0 INR 0 Description Product Name : Trolley Wheel fitted with Rubber Tyre in MS Disc/C.I. Disc/Zinc Plated Disc. Product Key : 3301 Dia : 150 mm to 300 mm Type : 1.5" to 3.5" True 1452257366
Cast Iron Wheel
Cast Iron Wheel INR 0 INR 0 Product Name : C.I. Wheel (Cast Iron) for Heavy Load Product Key : 3801 Dia : 1" to 16" True 1452257704
6x2" Spring Loaded Castors in Pu Wheel INR 1100 INR 1099 A spring caster is a one-wheels, Other names are loaded casters and, both associated with commercial interests. A spring loaded casters has two narrow platforms known as that are joined by a "spring" which consists of a metal beam, usually coated by rubber, that houses a strong spring. One polyurethane wheel is mounted to each pik with a caster so that that each wheel can steer independently, and each caster has a steering axis . True 1437317428
NBR Rubber Flat Gasket :
NBR Rubber Flat Gasket : INR 0 INR 0 NBR rubber gasket is the most widely use for industrial application,High resistance to water oil and fluids. Durometer 70�5.Tensile strength 1500 PSI,Elongation 250% Temperature range -40 to 110,Excellent compression set, tear and abrasion resistance,but not have good resistance to ozone, sunlight, or weather. Features: 1)High tensile strenth 2)High elongation 3)Low cost 4)Good resistance to petroleum oil,water,silicone oils,greases,glycol base fluid 5)Stability compared to other rubber products. 6)High recommed replacement of NBR or ACM True 1452251767
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